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Our Patients Say It Best

We could tell you about our great medical care and personalized service, but we think our patients say it best. We are pleased to share with you our patients’ experience and their successful recovery.

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Pam Robison

Procedure: Total Hip Replacement

Physician: Dr. Sarat Kunapuli

Everything about my experience with OSH was great! I’m an avid golfer and had been experiencing considerable hip pain for quite some time.  (I thought I’d pulled a muscle or something less serious.) Before meeting with Dr. Kunapuli, I’d tried alternative forms of treatment to relieve the pain. I’d visited my chiropractor multiple times, tried deep tissue massage, etc. During my first appointment with Dr. Kunapuli we realized my issue was much greater than a simple muscle strain or misalignment. After trying a couple of steroid treatments on my hip with no relief, he determined a hip replacement would be the best avenue for me to regain my mobility and relieve the constant pain. I had the surgery in January 2020. Everyone on Dr. Kunapuli’s team was amazing. From his PA Justin Tomlinson to the nursing staff, and the rehabilitation staff, I was with treated with great care and compassion. My recovery went exceedingly well (I was vigilant in doing my rehab exercises at home).  Just 9 days after surgery I was walking without a walker or cane! I was able to resume my normal golf outings at about 12 weeks after surgery – and I’ve never looked back!! My only regret is that I didn’t consult with Dr. Kunapuli long before then!

I am able to play golf without any pain whatsoever (other than when I slice a drive or three putt). I no longer limp at all. I’m able to go to the grocery store and shop without pain. I’m able to work in my yard, clean my house, exercise regularly – and do EVERYTHING without any more hip pain. My friends and family are amazed at how well I rebounded after such an extensive and invasive surgical procedure. I’m so pleased with the result!!!

Frank Robards

Procedure: Hip Pinning and Total Hip

Physician: Dr. Chris Brown

Staff was just great and cordial. Very attentive care.

Walking is just greatly improved.

Loves to get a cup of hot, strong coffee, hanging out at the dog park and solving world problems with his friends!

Savannah Henderson

Procedure: Fracture Repair

Physician: Dr. James Davies

My names Savannah Henderson, and I’m from Jenks, OK. I’m currently a waitress at Chuy’s Tex-Mex. At OSH I got a surgery on a trimalular fracture on my left leg. Dr. Davies performed the procedure and did a phenomenal job! All of my visits to OSH have been nothing but wonderful. I felt very cared for and in very good hands. I’m three months post-op and I feel AMAZING.

Jerry Ostroski

Procedure: Double Knee Replacement

Physician: Dr Sarat Kunapuli

From the moment I arrived to the moment I was released the staff at OSH was nothing but first class. Everyone was very positive and helpful throughout the process. Even though I have had many surgeries throughout my life and athletic career I still get a bit anxious before surgery but the staff at OSH was quick to ease my mind with a very calming presence.

Once we got to my room I was amazed at not only the quality of the room itself but the variety and types of food offered on the in room dining menu. Honestly it had more a fine hotel feel then a hospital room.

Before my knee replacement I was in constant pain. My job has me on my feet all day and my quality of work was beginning to slip. After my surgery and rehab my knee feels like it did when I was young. I no longer have the knee issues that limited my day to day life. I am fully back in the game!

I will one day have to get my other knee replaced. When I do it will be with Dr Sarat Kunapuli and the fine staff at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital.

Paula Jackson

Procedure: Anterior Cervical Decompression and Spine Fusion Surgery

Physician: Dr. Thomas Craven

Every time I’ve been to Oklahoma Surgical Hospital (OSH), it has been a great experience, so it was a clear, preferred choice to schedule my surgery at OSH. The facility is nice and clean yet more of a home away from home feel. The nurses and nurse techs were all very kind and helpful. They checked in often and offered ways to make me comfortable after my surgery and during my overnight stay. They walked with me to build my strength and visited with me as we walked together. The lower patient/nurse ratio made it possible to get the help I needed when I needed it.

Dr. Craven performed a successful surgery. I was experiencing extreme nerve pain for 3 months prior to my surgery and was unable to find anything to relieve that pain. After trying various medications, shots, and therapy, surgery was the next step in my treatment. The surgery relieved the nerve pain immediately. I was given several exercises to help speed up my recovery and strengthen my body for the future. After a few months of recovery, I was feeling like my old self again. I am now able to work, exercise, travel, and enjoy life with no nerve pain. As a third-grade teacher, this recovery has been life-changing.

I am so thankful for Dr. Craven and his staff as well as OSH and the OSH staff for helping me experience a successful surgery and recovery in a supportive and encouraging environment.