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Thank you for choosing OSH for your surgery

The following information will help you get prepared for your medical procedure.

Things to do prior to your procedure.


  1. Five days prior to procedure:
    • If you have been given antibacterial soap, please begin to use as instructed. Note: Not all patients will be given soap.
    • Please check with your surgeon 5 days prior to surgery for directions on holding medications.
  2. Day of Surgery:
    • Take the medications instructed by your physician.
    • Please arrive 2 hours prior to surgery time unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon. If your surgery start time is 7:00 a.m., arrive no later than 5:30 a.m. Check in at Guest Services.
    • Females age 10-55: you will be required by anesthesia to give a urine specimen for pregnancy test before you are admitted to the OR.
    • Leave all jewelry (including body jewelry) and valuables at home. Wearing jewelry during your surgical procedure can be a safety risk.
    • Wear eye glasses on day of surgery instead of contact lenses, if available. Otherwise, please bring solution and case.
    • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. • Do not wear lotions, powders, makeup, hair products dark nail polish or deodorant.
    • Bring any slings or braces with you to Pre-Op area.
  3. Inpatients:
    • Bring prescription medications in original labeled bottles to Pre-Op area.
    • Leave all pain medications, muscle relaxers and sleeping pills at home.
    • If you use C-Pap or Bi-Pap machine, please bring machine with you to Pre-Op area. (Do not bring distilled water.)
    • You must have a responsible adult driver upon discharge.
  4. Outpatients:
    • You must have a responsible adult driver with you on procedure date. That person is expected to remain at the hospital, sign discharge paperwork and drive you home.
    • If you use C-Pap or Bi-Pap machine, please bring machine with you to Pre-Op area to be used in recovery

Getting to Oklahoma Surgical Hospital

Oklahoma Surgical Hospital is located on the southeast corner of Lewis Avenue and South 81st Street. You may enter from Lewis Avenue or from 81st Street.

Directions to Oklahoma Surgical Hospital

Our Patient Information Brochure includes helpful information you will need to prepare for your procedure.